Josh Heinrichs performing at the 2015 Bricktown Reggae Fest
in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Josh Heinrichs performing the song "Sweet Sensi" with Fortunate Youth
at The 2015 Trench Fest in Tamuning, Guam 

Josh Heinrichs & SkillinJah perform 2 sold out shows in
Kona and Honolulu, Hawaii 2014

Josh Heinrichs performing at 
California Roots 2014 in Monterey, California

Josh Heinrichs performing in his hometown with
Bob Marley and The Wailers lead guitarist
Junior Marvin

Josh Heinrichs performing
in his hometown of Springfield, Missouri

Josh Heinrichs
performing live with SOJA 

Josh Heinrichs & SkillinJah
performing at Jannus Live in St.Pete, Florida

Josh Heinrichs & SkillinJah performing at House of Blues in Houston, Texas

Josh Heinrichs performing at California Roots 2013 
in Monterey,CA

Josh Heinrichs at Mayjah Rayjah 2011
in Honolulu at The Aloha Tower

Josh Heinrichs at Austin, Texas Reggae Fest 2008

Josh Heinrichs at The Pipeline Cafe in Honolulu, Hawaii
with Cas Haley & The Green 2009

Josh Heinrichs at The Roxy in Hollywood, California 2010

Josh Heinrichs at The Oklahoma City Bricktown Reggae Fest 2009

Josh Heinrichs at Soundwave(formerly Cane's) in San Diego, California 2010

Josh Heinrichs at Schwagstock 42

Josh & Kaytee Heinrichs

The Heinrichs Family
Josh, Kaytee, Kaya, Aston & Olivia

w/ The Itals backstage at Chicago Reggae Fest '08

w/ J Boog, Kiwini Vaitai & Siaosi

w/ Cease Fyah in Kona

w/ JR from Common Kings

w/ Laga Savea

w/ Bobby Lee from SOJA & Eric Rachmany of Rebelution

w/ SOJA in Omaha,NE

w/ Quino of Big Mountain in San Diego

w/ Michael "Grammy" Rose (Black Uhuru)

w/ Mikey General in KC

w/ Luciano in KC

w/ Jr Marvin of The Wailers & Mike Pinto in Washington DC

w/ Kulcha Knox in KC

w/ 77 Jefferson & SOJA

w/ HR from Bad Brains in Springfield,MO

w/ Gregory Isaacs in San Diego

with SOJA in Springfield,MO

w/ Desi from The Wailers on The Wailers tourbus

w/ Collie Buddz backstage at Tulsa Reggae On The Green

w/ Capleton in KC

w/ Alborosie in Honolulu,HI

w/ Harrison Stafford of Groundation & Jim Fox
at Lion & Fox Studios in Washington DC

w/ Wayne from Natural Vibrations in Honolulu

w/ Wadi Gad in Malibu,CA

w/ Chris Boomer in Lawrence,KS

w/ Stranger in Honolulu

w/ The Soul Riddim Band & SkillinJah in Springfield,MO

w/ SkillinJah

w/ Sashamon in Kauai

w/ DJ Phat Joe at Island 98.5fm in Honolulu

w/ Ossie Dellimore in Springfield,MO

w/ The Northwest Sons in Seattle,WA

w/ MR 83 & Kali of Ooklah The Moc in Honolulu

w/ Mr 83 in Honolulu

w/ MoBoogie Crew at MoBoogie Loft in Denver,CO

w/ Mike Love and Mickey from Ookalh The Moc in Honolulu

w/ Cas Haley & Micah G in Waikiki,HI

w/ Manoa Company, Micah G & Cas Haley in Waikiki

w/ Koko of Inna Vision in Maui,HI

w/ INIK in Hilo,HI

w/ Joseph Israel in Fayetteville,AR

w/ Joel of 77 Jefferson in Chicago.IL

w/ original Midnite bass player, Joe Straws in KC

w/ Jimbo of Ooklah The Moc in Hollywood,CA

w/ Jim Dupont (Jams Space) in Minneapolis,MN

w/ Jah Sun in Eureka,CA

  w/ Gomega in Maui,HI

w/ Ethan Tucker in Boise,ID

w/ The Green & Cas Haley in Honolulu

w/ Paula Fuga and Cas Haley in Honolulu

w/ BW in Honolulu

w/ The Grammy Nominated Blue Riddim Band in KC

w/ BenGali of Inna Vision in Honolulu

w/ Badda Skat in Joplin,MO

w/ Anuhea & Danyo Cummings in Honolulu

jammin w/ Cas Haley in Springfield,MO